Different solutions for different needs...

Mental exercises are as important for a healthy brain as sports is important for a healthy body. Make these exercises which assess and improve your cognitive skills a routine of your life.

Monitor your performance in general and in every category. Do not forget; your brain is your utmost treasure.

Evaluate the cognitive skills of everyone in the family; indicate the similarities and differences. Guide and support your children according to their respective talents. Help those who past middle ages to maintain a young brain and to stay strong against mental hardships.

The achievments of a corporation depend on the achievments of its employees. Employees with a high comprehension and an ability to solve problems, who can think fast and make good decisions play a critical role in a corporation’s success. Brainquire is your best assistant both in recruiting and assigning your personnel and in systematically helping them to improve themselves.

Our future is shaped by schools. The individuals that will make the greatest contribution to their own societies and to humanity, will be the curious, inquisitive and broad minded individuals who decide quickly and correctly and who contemplate on new and creative solutions. Brainquire is the most convinient platform for assessing the cognitive skills of students and the evaluation of their advantages and inadequacies throughout their education.